Aadhaar Masking Solution


Aadhaar Masking Solution


With a real-time interface and no manual intervention required, our Aadhaar Masking product allows you to mask your consumers’ Aadhaar card’s first 8 digits. All that and it can also differentiate between Aadhaar and other documents. It can do so in batch mode, masking 100s in a single go, along with masking the QR code as well. It can be integrated with any platform and is compliant with video KYC rules.

At a Glance:

The Aadhaar Masking Solution…

  • Masks the first 8 digits in line with the regulatory requirements
  • Masks Aadhaar numbers across file types including, but not limited to, pdf, jpeg and tiff files
  • Is available for both real-time and batch mode
  • Has an accuracy rate that exceeds 95%

Frequently Asked Questions

As per UIDAI Aadhaar masking/redaction refers to masking the first eight digits of Aadhaar number in physical or digital form.

Yes, Aadhaar masking is mandatory to all businesses if you are collecting Aadhaar images from your customers, employees, vendors, suppliers etc. You must mask Aadhaar no's before storing the images in your DMS or file systems.

Yes, Aadhaar images collected previously need to be masked. As per regulation an Organization is not allowed to store any Aadhaar images which are not masked.

Our Aadhaar masking application supports PDF, BMP, Base64, TIFF, JPG and PNG. Our application is designed to handle multi page or single page documents. To top it all we can also mask already scribbled Aadhaar no's and QR code to ensure that you are fully compliant.

We provide a utility to mask historical Aadhaar images and an API which can be integrated with any of your customer onboarding or DMS for masking Aadhaar images.