Vehicle Pre-inspection


Acxiom Vehicle Pre-inspection Solution


Our platform agnostic Vehicle Pre-inspection app is an end-to-end solution. It empowers your customers to create and submit their own inspections using AI models to tag damages without needing manual intervention. Based on the severity, the engine decides if the vehicle can be insured or not. The app even tracks Geo-Location, Time and Steps between each photograph that is clicked.

At a Glance:

The Vehicle Pre-inspection app…

  • Eliminates 3rd party involvement for vehicle inspections
  • Speeds up policy issuance time
  • Digitizes the pre-inspection information
  • Identifies and calls out fraud with help of geo-tagging and time tagging features
  • Cross validates the pre-existing conditions at the time of claims
  • Reduces cost & eliminates manual intervention
  • Creates a single system for case creation and damage identification